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Looking Glass and John Rock

Looking Glass Summit

Fuiny Bean and I finally made it to Asheville. Our hikes included treks up John Rock and a very fast hike up Looking Glass. We made it to the summit in an hour! For John Rock we took Cat Gap Loop to John Rock. Brittany Surrounded by Mountain-laurel on the way to the summit of […]

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Grandfather – Boone, NC


On April 3rd BG Fuins and I made our way out to Boone, NC to climb Grandfather. Brittany’s birthday hike! We climbed the Profile Trail and even made our way down to a plane wreck on the other side of Calloway Peak. Links- https://www.hikewnc.info/besthikes/grandfather-mountain-state-park/grandfathers-profile Grandfather Mountain Profile Trail: hiking to Calloway Peak I didn’t get […]

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“Where are you visiting from?” the lady in the proverbial red dress at the bar asked. I almost said Florida. “Uh, New York,” I stammered out. “Where?” “Upstate New York,” my voice rising as I spoke. “Where?” “Norwich, it’s in between Syracuse and Binghamton,” my eyebrows rising. “Oh, I went to RIT,” she replied. I […]

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Sodus Point


She was a wrapped in a parachute at the edge of a cliff on her wedding day. Beneath her, clear blue water of Lake Ontario lapped against the silty, sandy shoreline. You could see the green moss clearly layering the rocks below. The day was unseasonably warm. The breeze was cool and the clouds were […]

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“We have our own cabin?” Robert exclaimed. “Haha yeah I guess so, but we only have one bed still,” I responded. “That’s awesome!” So we pulled our bags from the trunk and walked through the small lawn in between two long buildings and pool in the middle of the Adirondack Inn. We had arrived. It […]

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The Fighter’s Corner


“I feel like he’s ineffective,” Brittany turned to me and said. “Wow,” I exclaimed, and I truly couldn’t help reacting with joy. “What? Are you happy that I know something about sports?” she asked, and I was. “Yes, you are absolutely right, it does seem like his punches are ineffective. That Willie Nelson is just […]

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Canada kisses you in small ponds, green trees, tiny cottages, boats, high bridges and little sprinkled islands. The winding waterways of the St. Lawrence and its small boat docks along the winding shore line remind you of a day in a book. It’s my favorite kind of back seat passenger window view. Especially climbing those […]

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The Desert


In the desert, quite literally, and financially. To fill you in, my business partner and I started a business this year. It’s called Liquid. We invited in Craig, our friend and longtime partner in other businesses. So we found ourselves in the desert. We had barely, if any, money our business bank account and we were […]

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I liked how Casey called us Tortugans. It’s what he named the group chat once Alex had added everyone’s names. Tortugans makes it a bit more special, like it was something we were all doing together. The event, called Tortuga, is a country music festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This year marks the 4th year […]

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Venues all over the United States play host to unseen events. These events drive commerce amongst the independent businesses that drive our economy. Yet, they take place with little fanfare, little acknowledgement even. They are powerful in their relationships, transcending the business, the industry and the individuals. They foster relationships that carry across generations, across […]

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