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“Where are you visiting from?” the lady in the proverbial red dress at the bar asked. I almost said Florida. “Uh, New York,” I stammered out. “Where?” “Upstate New York,” my voice rising as I spoke. “Where?” “Norwich, it’s in between Syracuse and Binghamton,” my eyebrows rising. “Oh, I went to RIT,” she replied. I […]

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The Desert


In the desert, quite literally, and financially. To fill you in, my business partner and I started a business this year. It’s called Liquid. We invited in Craig, our friend and longtime partner in other businesses. So we found ourselves in the desert. We had barely, if any, money our business bank account and we were […]

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Venues all over the United States play host to unseen events. These events drive commerce amongst the independent businesses that drive our economy. Yet, they take place with little fanfare, little acknowledgement even. They are powerful in their relationships, transcending the business, the industry and the individuals. They foster relationships that carry across generations, across […]

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florida from plane

It’s smells that hit you the hardest sometimes. I find this particularly true of nostalgia. Orlando, was close enough to smell like Fort Lauderdale. It looked like it too. I think it has something to do with the palm trees, or the heat. Perhaps it is the heat. The way it extracts a bit of […]

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Houston, Texas

Rafael Welders make better cab drivers. At least, meeting Rafael reinforces the idea. “You see, you can’t weld without paying close attention to your breathing. You have to control your breathing so you can steady yourself. You have to pay attention… concentrate on the puddle we call it in welding,” Rafael relayed as he drove […]

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West Coast Double Date

Keegan and Derek

Napa By way of San Fran We found ourselves plopped, quite frankly, plopped, into a few different worlds at once. In any scenario this may have been interesting, but it was particularly so after a long day’s travel. The unfamiliar has the ability to morph into something relatively mystic when paired with tiredness and a […]

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