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Bull City

k and B in Durham

It may be transferable, this home, but that’s a fairly new development. Since when did home become portable? Since when did belonging become a circumstance of time? It’s Friday, and it is our first day home. We didn’t plan for it to be home, but it was easily recognizable. It was in the coffee for […]

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Ludlow, VT

okemo image

Okemo Mountain in the March of 2016 will be written about somewhere in the record books. Perhaps not the official record books, but certainly in at least one ski instructor’s version. “Yeah, there’s a guy works the mountain up here that keeps track of the weather and he says this is the warmest winter in […]

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florida from plane

It’s smells that hit you the hardest sometimes. I find this particularly true of nostalgia. Orlando, was close enough to smell like Fort Lauderdale. It looked like it too. I think it has something to do with the palm trees, or the heat. Perhaps it is the heat. The way it extracts a bit of […]

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Keegan and Brittany In Charlottesville

Fleeting was the linger of a liquor on our lips. Commingling was not common for cider, beer and liquor. Yet, Yeti cups, I would learn, could accommodate them all, inheriting, while consistent in their constitution. Funny like that, Virginia, she made a craft of several things, including alcohol production. Descend into a trail by way […]

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Houston, Texas

Rafael Welders make better cab drivers. At least, meeting Rafael reinforces the idea. “You see, you can’t weld without paying close attention to your breathing. You have to control your breathing so you can steady yourself. You have to pay attention… concentrate on the puddle we call it in welding,” Rafael relayed as he drove […]

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West Coast Double Date

Keegan and Derek

Napa By way of San Fran We found ourselves plopped, quite frankly, plopped, into a few different worlds at once. In any scenario this may have been interesting, but it was particularly so after a long day’s travel. The unfamiliar has the ability to morph into something relatively mystic when paired with tiredness and a […]

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Rewinding through New York City

Brittany & Keegan at Brazen Fox

Saturday Evening It’s as if New York was made to host a masked adventure, or the other way around. Either way, to be at ease in the presence of masked strangers, in the dark, at night, and alone, is in its very ethos, seemingly very New York. The concluding event of our NYC adventure would […]

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